• 90 Degree Turn Table

    An extension to web stacker

    90 Turn Table is an essential device for web printers for accommodating the stackers in barest minimum space in front of folder's signature delivery table. The turn table attachable to web printing machine's delivery belt to change the signature's stream direction by 90 either on the left or right side depending on availability of space or requirement of customer. Thus the stacker occupies lesser space, since it gets placed parallel to the machine. Half page, quarter page and double parallel folded signatures can be handled bt this turn at variable speed controls.

  • Vertical Stacker

    Stacker for Folding machines

    The vertical stacker is a simple yet very effective tool that complements any delivery system. Attach it with the NWFC & & NWFP to get the forms neatly stacked at the and of this tool. this products in every sense completes the paper folding machine. Furthermore, its light weight and flexible structure enables to movethe tool easily to match the utility.