The web technology has taken over the conventional offset printing in the Indian subcontinent. RatanWEB is the result of Ratan's innovative approach and its vision to cater the print industry. It aims at decreasing processes associated with post web, thus saving a great deal of time and labour. Looking at the bullish behaviour of the web culture, RatanWEB is a sure shot valuable investment.

  • Ratan WS-SA - 1B

    Online Web Stacker with costless bundling unit

    This innovative, user friendly and flexible web signature stacker enables the user to stack the folded signatures derived from the web offset delivery for precise and air-free bundling. This saves much space and makes the signatures perfect and easy for the next process. The end result is decreased manpower and signature wastage, and optimum qualitative binding.

    Get your bundling costs to ZERO with specially designed Ratan brand self locking nylon belts. Made of hardened and qualitative materials, you can reuse these belts for a long, very long time. Say good bye to those paper damaging jute!

  • Ratan WS

    Online Stacker with Electronic Strapping Device

    The machine is attached online to the web delivery and the signature from the web are neatly stacked, compressed and stripped at high speeds. Specially designed to save labour, wastage and space, this machine is a must for web printers.

  • WS - N Compact

    Compact online web stacker

    For when floor layout is an issue, this mini series of stacker is a boon for web printers with floor- space constrains.