Paper folding is one of the key aspects of post print process and given the size of the post press sub industry, the volume demands automation for effective production. RatanFold provides quick, efficient and cost effective solutions for your paper folding requirements.

  • F.P. Auto 60 / 2KL

    Automatic paper folding machine

    Ratan F.P Auto is a fully automatic, PLC controlled paper folding machine developed by RatanFOLD for binders seeking for high performance jobs. The machine features a combination of 2 buckles and 3 knives enabling the user to perform 2 parallel fold and 3 or 4 cross fold as per the requirement. This machine can reach up to 10,000 sheets per hour, production speed (depends on the paper quality).

  • Ratan Amrit-3

    Hand- Fed Paper folding Machine

    Low on maintenance, low on running costs as well as the basic price, and high on performance, Ratan Amrit -3 is a little monster ideal for varied formats and binders seeking a qualitative low cost machine. Amrit -3 has the capacity to touch 7000 sheets / hr production speed. This machine takes less floor space and is an easy plug and play tool that requires very less power to run to its full capacity. thus making it the most economical yet powerful machine ever designed by RatanFOLD.


    Quarter Page folding Machine

    NWFC or NWFP (Cross/ Parallel fold) is an automatic heavy GSM paper folding machine designed to handle various kinds of odd folding jobs in the post press sub-segment.The basic utility of the machine is to give an extra fold to the already folded printed forms that are delivered by the web. This not only saves time with its speed of 9000 knife stroke / hour, but also replaces the labour used to fold these forms manually which is expensive and time consuming. This heavy duty machine is very low on maintenance and power consumption. Ideal for large production.