• RatanFOLD

    Folding Technology

    Paper folding is one of the key aspects of post print process and given the size of the post press sub industry, the volume demands automation for effective production. RatanFold provides quick, efficient and cost effective solutions for your paper folding requirements.

  • RatanCREASE

    Creasing and Perforation Technology

    There has been significant rise in the demand of print media, especially brochures, catalogs and related products. In order to tackle the problems faced by printers to process heavy GSM papers, Ratan has introduced its RatanCrease Range. Our machines are tested to produce highest quality output with no color breaking while creasing.

  • RatanWEB

    Technologies for WEB

    The web technology has taken over the conventional offset printing in the Indian subcontinent. RatanWEB is the result of Ratan’s innovative approach and its vision to cater the print industry. It aims at decreasing processes associated with post web, thus saving a great deal of time and labour. Looking at the bullish behaviour of the web culture, RatanWEB is a sure shot valuable investment.

  • RatanVDP

    Newest introduction to vast range of Ratan is the new Ratan VDP. Print variable data (i.e page numbers, barcodes, logos, etc) at high speeds on multiple page sheets. Its a must have for supplementary producers or printers doing similar job work.

  • ValueAdditions

    Choose from these extra attachments for your Ratan Branded machines.

  • NEON

    After a 35 year strong foothold in the printing industry, Ratan is ready to enter the corrugated box packaging industry with a bang! Introducing Neon, the new brand from the house of Ratan. Same quality and trust, just a different feel.