Best quality materials for precision pinning.

Every component on this machine is carefully chosen to adhere to Ratan’s strict quality control. Zero compromises on material quality and processing ensures longer life and better result.

Extremely easy to operate.

We’ve aimed to get expensive labour out of your equation. That’s why we have designed our software such that any individual can operate the machine without any skill.

Proudly made in India.

Breaking the conventional shackles of low cost imported machines, we bring you products that are unmatched in quality, low maintenance and trust. It’s time for MAKE IN INDIA.

Tech Specs
  • Max Size :1500 / 1800
  • Min Box Height:
  • Stroke/ Min: 350
  • Power Consumption: 3Hp /
  • Compressor pressure: 6 Bar
  • Floor Space(LxH): 2256mm x 1890mm
  • Structure weight: 525kg
Key Features
  • Sturdy material. Extends product life & performance
  • Accurate pinning. More production in less time
  • Very easy to operate. Skilled labour not required
  • Touch screen interface. Adds to ease of operation
  • Safe operation design. Ensures safety of operators

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