International at accessories, Indian at heart

Ratan truly believes that quality shouldn't be compromised because of mere lack of availability of qualitative resources in the local geography. The precision and ultimate output from machines produced by Ratan is a result of it choosing the best peripherals from across the globe for its machines. What truly makes Ratan stand out is its ability to fuse foreign peripherals on something which is very Indian in its simplicity and utility.


Ratan's authentic machine and output quality derived from the finest quality Indian raw materials, has the capability to redefine the Indian quality standards. From bolts to body paints to gears, each component is the best of its class.
The end result is international standard qualitative product at local costs.


The latest addition to the Ratan qualitative fleet, this creasing technology uses the best blades and cutters in the world for creasing and perforation to produce extraordinary results. Take your business to a whole new level.

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